Costa Rica has really jumped onto the radar over the past several years. The quiet little Caribbean island has become a magnet for U.S. vacation homebuyers and real estate investors. Maybe that’s what has propelled Costa Rica to become a sought-after vacation destination.

Ticos, the name Costa Ricans give themselves, is like being in a small country that is pretty much under the radar. The island’s first settlers were hard-working farmers who shied away from the glitter found elsewhere in Latin America. Streets and sidewalks in Costa Rica appear a little narrower, and doorways and beds are a bit shorter. In fact, Costa Rica’s people love the phrase, “Mi pais muy chiquitico,” which means “My tiny little country.” check more from

Coffee seems to take precedence over everything here. The product has been woven into the fabric of Costa Rica real estate since the enormous influence of the coffee barons in the nineteenth century. The island’s economists keep a constant eye on coffee prices. Even kids get into the act, helping with the harvest.

Ironically, it’s hard to find a good cup of coffee in Costa Rica. It’s just a fact of business that the superior product gets exported. Visitors who want a quality cup of coffee can get it at fine restaurants and upscale hotels, as well as in packaged form at gift shops.

Costa Rica property is the right place for people looking for scenic beaches. Most of the coast is lined with beaches, and they’re all public by law. But the beaches here are not the stereotypical Caribbean beaches with sparkling white sands. The sand is dark, originating from volcanoes, and the water is not crystal-blue and tends to be rough.Visit us now!

Malpais on the central Pacific coast is one of my favorite beaches. If you like peace and quiet, and a perfect place for beach combing and sunning, you’ll agree. But, be careful maneuvering the steep gravel road to the beach. Punta Uva, on the Caribbean side, is Costa Rica’s most pristine beach. It’s isolated and quite a long way from town. Dominical on the south Pacific coast is a great beach in a terrific beach town.

Costa Rica TravelCosta Rica is one of the world’s best surfing destinations. The island’s warm water, year-round waves and two coasts combine for a veritable surfer’s paradise. Many of the surfers here are hardcore, as evidenced by the boards that they carry from the airport. Yet the beaches, which are not overcrowded, have plenty of room for the not so experienced. Tamarindo Costa Rica real estate, a surfing town on the north coast, is a good place for beginners.Continue reading on Costa Rica Travel

Moreover, experts don’t have to go far; the stretches of shoreline north to Playa Grande and south to Playa Negra satisfy their needs. Other prime spots are Jaco off the central Pacific, for those who like to surf and party, and Puerto Viejo de Talamanca on the Caribbean side, for experts who can handle the world’s toughest waves.

No matter the reason for their Costa Rican vacation, most visitors are overwhelmed by the beauty of the rain forests. The best way to experience them is with a guide, for reasons of safety and information. These jungle masters are especially adept at spotting little sloths that hang from branches. Costa Rican vacations are simple and fun to book on the Internet.