Costa Rican Beaches – Modern Wonders

Beaches in Costa Rica property are one of the most important assets of the country when it comes to tourism.Read top Article!

Costa Rica has for many years worked hard to save the rain forest and has during recent years begun to do the same with their beaches.
The west coast of Costa Rica with beaches like Jaco, Quepos, Manual Antonio, Puntarenas, Playa Conchal, Playas de Coco, Playa Hermosa, Playa Tamarindo real estate and many other, is a complete tourist, sports fishing and surfers heaven.

You can literally walk from one beach to the next in a lot of places, and it is still possible to find small sand beaches with cocoa palms where you can be all alone or have a nice time with someone.

Something to consider when visiting the Costa Rican beaches is the increasing interest of keeping the beach clean and inviting. Waste baskets can often be found on the beach or close by, and regular test of not only drinking water but also the sea water have begun on many of the most visited beaches.

The tourism has not only brought with it good things. Costa Rica Real Estate has become really big, especially at the beach. Land prices as well as constructions are being sold for fantasy sums every day and new condominiums, beach houses and hotels just pop up out of nowhere to still the need for more places to host visiting tourists.

Puntarenas, one of the beaches closest to San José is a good example of this. Puntarenas has never been known for having special beaches. Due to being very close (approx. 2-hour drive) to the capital, San José, the beaches in and around Puntarenas have increased in value.
Many high-class resort hotels, including Fiesta Resort (All-Inclusive), can be found there.

Some of the best looking beaches and probably least expensive are the ones that attract surfers. This as the waves makes it less interesting to swim and relax, and this makes the beach less interesting for your common tourist.

How to find Costa Rica beach rentals for water sports

1. The first step towards finding a beach rental is to determine in which water sports will you participate in.
2. The next step is to short list 2-3 beach cities where you would like to go for water sports.
3. Do a preliminary search of the Internet to find the companies offering vacation rentals on Costa Rican beaches.
4. Make a list of things (amenities) you will need on vacation.
5. Call beach vacation rental companies you listed in step 3.
6. Take all the details from each one of them. Inquire about availability of rental house in the months you want to spend in the country.
7. Ask for recommendation, and read reviews.
Once you are satisfied with the quality of Costa Rica property beach rental provider then pay the required advance and book the beach house for your vacation.

Book Costa Rica beach rentals in advance

Costa Rican BeachesBecause of its suitability for adventure sports enthusiasts for all kinds of skill level, the beaches of Costa Rica always remain in high demand. If you want to go to the country for a vacation filled with adventure sports then you should choose a spot and start looking for Costa Rica Beach rentals. The sooner you will do the better deal you will get. This is the place where many people want to live and even want to retire in Costa Rica.Get more info coming from

So, when visiting Costa Rica, make sure you visit at least some of the beaches like Playa Hermosa, Playa Manuel Antonio (with its 3 beaches and protected forest) and if time allows go to the east coast (Caribbean side) and beaches like Cahuita and Playa Puerto Viejo. The contrast is big and will spice up your Costa Rican beach experience.