The costa rica real estate market in is thriving, and over the past years, the country has become more and more popular as a tourist destination.  In Costa Rica, you will find excellent communication services (landline and cell phones and faxes) and high-speed Internet.

In El Cajon de Grecia, where we live, we have a stable Internet connection as well as American television.

Costa Rica is characterized by its economic diversity.

People from all over the world come here all the time to enjoy their holidays in a safe, beautiful country. In 2006, 1.7 million international visitors came to Costa Rica, helping the country earn $1.6 billion in tourism receipts. The country ranked first in Central America and second in Latin American and the Caribbean region in the 2008’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report released by the World Economic Forum.

Costa Rica is Latin America’s largest exporter of technology products to the U.S., which is also Costa Rica real estate largest trading partner. It has the second most energy-efficient economy in the world. Plus, 99% of the country’s electricity is generated from renewable resources, mainly hydroelectric.

The country is also characterized by its ecological diversity.

Costa Rica’s sunny beaches, rich rainforests, variety of wild animals, and amazing mountains attract American, Canadian, and European investors to the Costa Rica property market. The country is regarded as the “ecotourism capital of the world.” Costa Rica’s ecology and natural beauty are its main attractions, and the government always makes plans to preserve them. 25% of the country’s land is protected, and 25% of tropical biology research worldwide is carried out here.

There are more than 850 species of birds, and more than 80% of visitors coming to Costa Rica are eco-tourists.

 More when condos for sale in Costa Rica:

  • World-class medical and health care services, including plastic surgery and dental implants, are available at knock-down prices. Costa Rica has one of the longest life-expectancy rates on earth (77 years). Click here !
  • Costa Rica also supports gender equality. It ranks seventh in the world by percentage of women in Congress, and 53% of the country’s top public officials are women.
  • The real estate hot spot in Costa Rica nowadays is the Central Valley. Specifically, in Grecia, the weather is temperate year round, the quality of life is simply incomparable, and the real estate prices are much lower than those in the U.S.

Even though Costa Rica real estate is widely regarded as a safe and well-governed country and the vast majority of Costa Rica’s real estate transactions are carried out without any problem, you should always research and investigate any foreign property you consider buying. You should also visit Costa Rica in person before you make any property purchase.

As you can see, it makes a lot of sense to invest in Costa Rica real estate. While the U.S. real estate market seems not likely to recover any time soon, Costa Rica’s tourism industry and economy are always on the rise.